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If like us, you like to please the sporty people of our beautiful blue planet, then our affiliate program is made for you!
Thanks to you, sports travelers from all over the world can find in a few clicks the ideal accommodation for the practice of their favorite sports. And that, is really top! 😉

The affiliate program, for whom?

Do you have a website or an app that enables thousands of sporty people to find useful information for practicing their favorite activities?

Meteos, GPS tracks, hiking routes, sports activities, travel guide, blog, sports meeting websites, sports event web-calendars, etc.

Offer an additional service to your members, by integrating our offer of Sportihome sports and adventure accommodations.


What are our key figures?

We offer nearly 10,000 sport & adventure accommodations in 40 countries among more than 60 sports disciplines.
The majority of sports accommodations is in France, but Sportihome is internationalizing at high speed. Our platform is now available in French, English, German and Spanish.

Who is already working with us?

affiliation - les partenaires sportihome

Iconic websites, which now offer their sports members an additional service: a 100% sports accommodations solution, in line with their core business. In exchange for a commission on bookings and the addition of new housing on Sportihome.com.

Windguru :

The undisputed world leader in wind weather. We don’t know a single kitesurfer who has never used this website! Some of them even get up everyday with it. 😉
You can find our numerous homes at the bottom of the forecasts of a spot, in the part “accommodations”.

Surf Report :

The reference of surf reports in France. The website made for you, if you want to see which spot works the best in real time, and tell yourself that you should have gone because it is glassy and it opens perfectly!
You find our homes in the “Info” part of each spot, heading “Accommodations nearby”.

Utagawa :
The leader of 100% MTB tracks in France. With more than 12,500 mountain bike hikes with GPS tracks, you should find your happiness to discover the most beautiful mountain bike trails in just a few clicks.
On the page of each GPS track to download, find our accommodations in the heading “Staying”.

IGN Rando :
The French reference for your nature activities. Which hiker has never used an IGN map?
It is the essential card to succeed all its hikes. The website offers a multitude of itineraries and points of interest to visit.
Find our accommodations in the section “Accommodations nearby” for each hike proposed.

These iconic websites have decided to offer their visitors a 100% sports accommodations solution, so why not you?!

How it works?

It’s super simple, you just have to contact our team (click HERE).

We can then offer you several integration solutions, either by simple tracked link, or by connecting to our API. It’s up to you according to your technical level.

Once our accommodations online, you will receive a commission:

  • on every booking from your website,
  • for the addition of each new accommodation that receives a booking


Why you should join us?

Because it’s obvious, all sporty people dream of being able to sleep closer to their favorite spots, while benefiting from valuable advices from local practitioners. By becoming a Sportihome affiliate, you provide to your users the perfect environment for practicing their passions, coupled with a real sharing adventure.

Together, we can make our planet the most beautiful playground!

Join-us 🙂
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