Surfing or kiteboarding ? You can’t choose between the two, …? The force of the wind should help you decide 🙂

Whether you are a fan of surfing: shortboard, longboard, SUP, or kiteboarding: twintip, strapless kitesurfing or hydrofoil,  the Atlantic Coast offers many diverse spots. From deep and fast waves, to large breaking waves, while passing through lakes for flat spells, you’re going to have the time of your life !

After our trip to the Mediterranean sea with our article on the best spots combining tourism and kiteboarding (read article HERE), let us embark on our series of favourite spots on the Atlantic coast. Thanks again to the Sportihome community, for sharing these spots, tips and places to stay.

The countless surfing and kiteboarding spots, situated on large spaces, allows everyone to find their happiness ! The beautiful sandy beaches and pine forests also make this region a real playground for bike riding, horse riding and even hiking and that’s why we want to share it all with you today !

So let’s go! Everyone get in the water!  Destination: the ocean, with the TOP 6 DESTINATIONS CLOSE TO SPORTS AND ADVENTURE HOMES ON THE ATLANTIC COAST! Happy surfing and enjoy the wind !



surfing on the atlantic coast - le truc vert

Where to go surfing ?
At Le Truc Vert beach in Lège-Cap-Ferret A la plage le Truc Vert à Lège-Cap-Ferret shared by Gilles

The spot Le Truc Vert is great, it’s also one of the best known spots in the region. The site is magnificent and receives the swell of the North West. Be careful of strong currents and powerful waves that could surprise you !

As all good spots deserved, you need to walk a bit to get past the dune. Access to the spot is by the foresty road of Le Truc Vert, also known as “the ocean road”, from the village of Petit Piquey.

Where to go kiteboarding  ?
At La Hume in Gujan-Mestras A la Hume à Gujan-Mestras shared by Jean-Yves

The Hume is an ideal spot for beginners and freestylers looking for a flat and safe body of water. It only operates at mid-high tide and with West to East winds passing through the North. Be careful of the wooden posts on the spot, and there is a bit of current at rising or falling tide.

Where to sleep in Cap Ferret ?
A cool place to stay is : (Loft with patio near the ocean)  « Loft avec terrasse proche océan » at Marc’s home in Lège-Cap-Ferret
76€/night for 4 people (low season price)

Marc will host you in his spacious and comfortable apartment for 4 travellers, located at 100m from the main beach of Cap Ferret : an ocean beach ; the living room has a large window overlooking the private patio. You are also 2km from the spot of Le Truc Vert and 15 minutes by car from the kiteboarding spot of la Hume

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kitesurfing on the atlantic coast - lac d hourtin

Where to go surfing ?
At Carcans beach A Carcans plage shared by Rémi

Carcans is a nice beach, more family friendly than Lacanau and with good quality waves.
There are generally 3 peaks : central, south and north. You will also find lefts and rights. As with most spots on the coast, the ideal is during the rising tide (mid tide).
Look out for where the rip currents are, before going into the water so you can safely come back to the shore 😉

Where to go kiteboarding  ?
At the lake, Lac d’Hourtin Au lac d’Hourtin shared by Alexis

Perfect for practicing freestyle kiteboarding, for beginners or the more experienced. This spot is exposed to prevailing winds, with thermal winds of Beaufort 2 to 5: certainly one of the best spots in the Aquitaine region and in the South-West for learning kiteboarding. It includes a dedicated practice space on its east bank. The area is very large, it is about 2km long and 800 metres wide, with West, North and South winds.

Where to sleep in Carcans ?
A cool place to stay is “Wooden house between Lake and Ocean, in the Pine Trees” : « Maison en bois entre Lac et océan, dans les pins » at Alexis’s home in Carcans
154€/night for 6 people (low season price)

Welcome to Alexis’s home located in the middle of beautiful pine trees. This all wooden house with its large patio is perfectly located close to numerous spots.
You will only be a few steps away from the lake in Maubuisson, ideal for having a family swim, from the kiteboarding spot Hourtin, but also surfing spots of Lacanau and especially that of the wilder Carcans ocean.

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surfing on the atlantic coast - lacanau

Where to go surfing ?
At the Central Beach in Lacanau A la plage centrale de Lacanau shared by Titiramatai

This is the perfect spot especially in the off-season when the sandbanks are well set with the huge rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean! It can go up to 3m or more! It is also the most famous surfing spot in the Gironde, where many competitions take place every year. You better hang on tight if you do not want to end up like in a washing machine :). Beware of the summer crowds, go there during off-peak hours.

Where to go kiteboarding  ?
At the South Beach in Lacanau A la plage Sud à Lacanau shared by Fred

The beach is quite large, the space for rigging and kiteboarding is very pleasant. Only the South Beach is allowed during the day during the summer, so do stay out of the way by walking to rig where there are less people.

The best wind direction is the Northwest that enters side on. Plan for big 10 to 12m2 kites, but luckily, as there are often thermal winds, you may also have to take out the small 7 to 9m2 kites. For kitesurfing, nice rights are available to you! At high tide, the waves are beautiful but do pay attention to the shore break which can be powerful and not always easy to go strapless kitesurfing :).

Where to sleep in Lacanau ?
A cool place to stay is “ 12 People Family House” « Maison familiale 12 personnes » in Lacanau at Patrice’s home
200€/night for 12 people (low season price, or less than 17€/night/person !)

Welcome to Patrice’s home who proposes to sports travellers an independent big house for 12 guests (3 double beds and 1 bedroom with 6 beds).
You will also have access to a large patio and private parking, all at only 200m from the beach, a dream comes true.

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kitesurfing on the atlantic coast - plage des estagots

Where to go surfing ?
At Soorts-Hossegor A Soorts-Hossegor shared by Ruby

Well-known for its incredible surfing spots at La Gravière and at La Nord, Hossegor hosts the « Quiksilver Pro France », a surfing competition that takes place during the month of October.
This spot is quite dangerous, and is reserved for the most experienced surfers with a very powerful shore break but offers unforgettable sessions of course.

Where to go kiteboarding  ?
At the Estagots beach in Seignosse A la plage des Estagots – Seignosse shared by Gilles

The main kiteboarding spot of Seignosse is located at the Estagots beach. From June to September, a dedicated kiteboarding zone is indicated by signs during lifeguard duty hours.

The waves are super nice, often rights no more than a metre high, ideal for learning strapless !
As for thermal winds, it is of North to North-West direction, it generally rises around 4-5pm and is rather light (between 10 and 18 knots). So get out your largest kites! This spot is the best for kite hydrofoiling! Warning, avoid spot if there are East winds because they are side off.

Where to sleep in Hossegor ?
A cool place to stay is  “Hossegor Central Beach Villa 4* 14 pers-pool” « Hossegor plage centrale villa 4* 14 pers – piscine » at Anne-Laure’s home at Soorts-Hossegor
400€/night for 14 people (low season price, or less than 30€/night/person)

Anne-Laure proposes the rental of her spacious 210m² Neo-Basque villa for 14 travellers, with 7 rooms. It is located on a superb park of 2000m2 with a heated pool and sauna, and all of this at only a few metres from the Central Beach.

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surfing on the atlantic coast - messanges

Where to go surfing ?
At the beach of Messanges A la plage de Messanges shared by Stéphanie

The 5 kilometres of coastline between Moliets & Maa and Vieux Boucau are wild, natural and so vast that everyone will find their tranquility and comfort. Beware of the currents that can sometimes surprise you.
Accessibility – The main beach is located at 2 km from the city centre of Messanges, the road leading to the beach is bordered by the Landes forest. This wild beach has a lifeguard in summer and has a large free parking at the foot of the dune.

Where to go kiteboarding  ?
At the beach of Messanges, spot not yet identified

You can kiteboard outside the lifeguarded swimming zone and downwind in the area. The ideal is to walk up to the Courant d’Huchet tnature reserve that will allow you to gain speed on a flat patch and take off on the ramps that chop produce. A small drawback is that in the summer the thermal winds are not really strong, so it is better go during autumn or winter to kiteboard during depressions.

Where to sleep  in Messanges ?
A cool place to stay is  “House next to the spot with pool, beach within walking distance and by bike” « Maison sur le spot avec piscine, plage à pied & à vélo » at Stéphanie’s home in Messanges
278€/night for 7 people

Haven of peace in a calm cul-de-sac, this house with a view of the Atlantic allows you to wake up to the sound of waves !
It gives you direct access to a bike trail, to the village of Messanges, to the beach on foot (or by bike) and 5 minutes from the golf course of Moliets. It also has a big patio with a grill and pool so you can continue to enjoy summer outdoors.
It is a paradise for surfers, golfers and cyclists. What’s more, 2 adult bikes are included in the rental price !

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surfing on the atlantic coast - parlementia guethary

Where to go surfing ?
Parlementia Beach in Guethary A la plage de la Parlementia Guethary shared by Bruno

A mythical spot that has been compared to Sunset Beach; Parlementia is a long right hander offering a rather mellow first section and in good weather, connects with a hollow section on the inside. Here, all types of East winds are good to take.

Longboard and stand up paddle fans will find their happiness in this superb bay.

Where to go kiteboarding  ?
Spot not yet identified

Certain spots are accessible for kiteboarding, but it’s really complex and the wind is irregular, so you need a very good level. Better to travel a bit further and go to Les Landes, where there are larger spaces and sandy beaches.

Where to sleep in Guethary ?

A cool place to stay is «Basque country villa Guethary Pays basque villa guethary » at Bruno’s home in Guethary
142€/night for 4 people (low season price)

Bruno will host you in a typical Basque country villa with a comfortable and fully equipped living room-kitchen that opens out onto the patio, ideal for preparing a grill after a great session !
You will only be 5 minutes walk from the surfing spot. 😉

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So ?? Want to go Surfing in the morning and Kiteboarding in the afternoon on the Atlantic Coast? When should we go ?

For more on kiteboarding trips in the Mediterranean, click HERE!

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